Did Your Car Break Down?

Hire a towing company in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas to pick it up

At Gonzalez Towing, we're committed to assisting our clients with all of their auto towing needs. We handle all types of residential and commercial towing, including impounding, luxury vehicles, and motorcycles. When your car breaks down, we can get to your location quickly. Contact us today for a free auto towing estimate.

What situation would you need a tow truck for?

We’ve towed countless vehicles in our over three years of business — so we’ve seen it all. Here are a few situations when you’d need to consult our towing company:

  1. You were in an accident. If you were just in an accident, your vehicle will need to be towed to a safe location.
  2. Your car broke down. If your car breaks down, we can tow it anywhere in the San Antonio, TX area.
  3. You ran out of gas. If you run out of gas, our auto towing experts can tow you to a gas station fast so you can fill up your car.

No one wants to deal with these situations, but sometimes they’re unavoidable. You can rest assured our towing company will be there for you when the unexpected happens.